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Mr.Chen(Activity information)
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Miss.Cheng(Rules information)
Tel:13506768730   Email:cidpae002@126.com

Wang Xueke( 0rganizing committee consultation):
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Color Section

Title:《自由的梦就像朝阳(The dream of freedom is like the rising sun)》 No.A01135
Title:《Prayer Ends》 No.A01099
Title:《泉涌云霄》 No.A00983
Title:《人间仙境》 No.A00774
Title:《Strong Vitality》 No.A00570
Title:《雪地红影》 No.A01019
Title:《飞天》 No.A00376
Title:《佛心通天》 No.A01179
Title:《觅食》 No.A00009
Title:《烈火战车-Motor》 No.A00526
Title:《失去信仰-Lost His Faith》 No.A00798
Title:《不忘阅读-Read》 No.A01040
Title:《厨房交响声》 No.A00971
Title:《暮归》 No.A00922
Title:《收获-Hunt》 No.A00464
Title:《《醉美跨海桥》》 No.A00176
Title:《水墨乌镇》 No.A00756
Title:《石潭村云海》 No.A01324

Monochrome Section

Title:《Western Sichuan5》 No.B00869
Title:《顶煤工人 Top coal worker》 No.B00050
Title:《丰收季-harvest》 No.B00884
Title:《Thinking 1》 No.B00522
Title:《Night duty》 No.B00623
Title:《思念》 No.B00197
Title:《Darkroom Partner》 No.B00921
Title:《深闺》 No.B00810
Title:《牧场-Ranch》 No.B00415
Title:《Under the overpass》 No.B00287
Title:《Bongeline 7109》 No.B00935
Title:《牧归》 No.B00654
Title:《憩》 No.B00294
Title:《Manhattan》 No.B00440
Title:《路上的》 No.B00917
Title:《栖息-habitat》 No.B00366
Title:《奔跑男孩-running boy》 No.B00506
Title:《A Tree by the Sea》 No.B00290

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