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Miss.Cheng(Rules information)
Tel:13506768730   Email:cidpae002@126.com

Wang Xueke( 0rganizing committee consultation):
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Color Section

Title:《Women-Olympic 2020 football qualifier 2020 年女子奥林匹克足球预选赛澳大利亚对中国》 No.A01268
Title:《瑶.望》 No.A00149
Title:《cockfighting斗鸡》 No.A01142
Title:《拆迁,拆的是人心》 No.A01431
Title:《奶奶》 No.A00096
Title:《防疫》 No.A00026
Title:《冲破黎明》 No.A01254
Title:《Picking cocoons》 No.A01368
Title:《Sentinel》 No.A00509
Title:《Freezing》 No.A02502
Title:《Lijiang tour》 No.A02307
Title:《Multi Colored Stone Bay》 No.A02135
Title:《天山山脉》 No.A01316
Title:《Road-Blocking Wine in wedding day》 No.A02439
Title:《夜之魅The night's charm》 No.A00380
Title:《家园》 No.A00616
Title:《展翅翱翔》 No.A00636
Title:《Riya 02》 No.A00861

Monochrome Section

Title:《Grandma at village entrance》 No.B01491
Title:《放牧人家》 No.B00915
Title:《Pan brush made of bamboo》 No.B01354
Title:《嬉水》 No.B00586
Title:《Desert style-沙漠风情》 No.B00147
Title:《向着光亮那方》 No.B00018
Title:《Feeding》 No.B00391
Title:《In front of gate》 No.B01624
Title:《水上森林水上游》 No.B00798
Title:《村 The Village》 No.B00983
Title:《Ve To》 No.B00427
Title:《Strive to be the first》 No.B00109
Title:《苗乡酒坊》 No.B00264
Title:《藏乡艺术》 No.B01786
Title:《寻瓷龙窑》 No.B00039
Title:《合力抗洪》 No.B01010
Title:《Vicissitude of the salt lake》 No.B01861
Title:《新产品》 No.B00714

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