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Miss.Cheng(Rules information)
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Color Section

Title:《Chinese shadow puppetry 2》 No.A02525
Title:《《前卫的街画艺术家》》 No.A00202
Title:《A?orado abrazo》 No.A01217
Title:《Patriotism》 No.A02427
Title:《Cast iron cookware》 No.A02526
Title:《Nudity above the stairs》 No.A02451
Title:《《希望的春天》》 No.A00904
Title:《Winter rhyme of Mount Huang》 No.A01641
Title:《大漠韵律》 No.A01667
Title:《Tibetan costume》 No.A02257
Title:《Green scenery in spring》 No.A02800
Title:《庆丰收》 No.A01050
Title:《病房里的生日》 No.A00770
Title:《劳动影》 No.A01691
Title:《红石海的春天》 No.A02005
Title:《Herding back》 No.A02306
Title:《Baku Girl》 No.A00076
Title:《Newborn》 No.A02015

Monochrome Section

Title:《辛勤劳作》 No.B00558
Title:《The guardian of swans》 No.B01888
Title:《Make wooden steelyard》 No.B01355
Title:《Generations》 No.B00921
Title:《Over The Yellow River》 No.B01778
Title:《纸乡》 No.B00721
Title:《To go》 No.B01333
Title:《回旋海岸》 No.B00970
Title:《Local structure》 No.B01521
Title:《铸锅工人》 No.B01153
Title:《新城原上草》 No.B00510
Title:《大地脉络》 No.B01222
Title:《耕耘》 No.B01026
Title:《骏马印象》 No.B00532
Title:《Roam around Chishan Lake》 No.B01575
Title:《背盐的女人》 No.B00997
Title:《Go to the fields》 No.B01746
Title:《水乡人家》 No.B01722

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