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Mr.Chen(Activity information)
Tel:18368122101   Email:cidpae001@126.com

Miss.Cheng(Rules information)
Tel:13506768730   Email:cidpae002@126.com

Wang Xueke( 0rganizing committee consultation):
Tel:0578-2113393   QQ:76751402

Color Section

Title:《母爱》 No.A00920
Title:《巨浪溅影》 No.A01248
Title:《谢幕》 No.A00237
Title:《渔家灯火》 No.A00823
Title:《Going Upstairs》 No.A01172
Title:《云端之城》 No.A00098
Title:《舟上瓷韵-Porcelain Beauty in Boat》 No.A00795
Title:《黄金海洋》 No.A01245
Title:《Smoker》 No.A01315
Title:《祭龙》 No.A01235
Title:《Mask Dance》 No.A01097
Title:《“金龙”跨江》 No.A00835
Title:《Horses in Water 91》 No.A01298
Title:《困兽》 No.A00163
Title:《Absolue magnficence》 No.A00019
Title:《秋日私语》 No.A00342
Title:《斑马-Zebras》 No.A00564
Title:《极夜过后便是蓝 -It is blue after the night》 No.A01168

Monochrome Section

Title:《在水一方》 No.B00926
Title:《Grazing1》 No.B00431
Title:《Before the storm》 No.B00313
Title:《Happy feet》 No.B00577
Title:《俯瞰今日石油城》 No.B00275
Title:《To date on street 02》 No.B00783
Title:《如画之江》 No.B00796
Title:《Home Way》 No.B00439
Title:《大盆景 》 No.B00021
Title:《》 No.B00314
Title:《窠》 No.B00118
Title:《高原渔乡》 No.B00235
Title:《年货》 No.B00768
Title:《Speeding》 No.B00849
Title:《magic scent》 No.B00105
Title:《《追风少年》》 No.B00284
Title:《香客Pilgrims》 No.B00676
Title:《猜猜是弟弟还是妹妹》 No.B00064

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