Title: 《倾听心声 Listen To Your Heart》
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Introduction: 牵牛花叶形状是心形,花如广播喇叭状,细藤传音。 同藤共生高傲与谦卑的姐妹花,但不忘互相倾听心声。寓意:亲姐妹 、亲兄弟及好友之间通过倾听心声表达互相关爱的亲情。 拍摄时间 2019.8.17. Morning glory leaf shape is heart-shaped, flower is broadcast trumpet shape, thin vine transmission.Concomitant with the vine proud and humble sister flower, but do not forget to listen to each other.Moral: sisters, brothers and close friends listen to each other to express love and affection.


  • Time:2019-8-17 Location:辽宁省 本溪市