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Mr.Chen(Activity information)
Tel:18368122101   Email:cidpae001@126.com

Miss.Cheng(Rules information)
Tel:13506768730   Email:cidpae002@126.com

Wang Xueke( 0rganizing committee consultation):
Tel:0578-2113393   QQ:76751402

Color Section

Title:《与雪共舞》 No.A00443
Title:《天外飞仙》 No.A00883
Title:《兼程》 No.A00872
Title:《Deeper than the sea》 No.A00660
Title:《秋池飘香》 No.A01212
Title:《琴友Friends playing the zither》 No.A00550
Title:《皮影戏-shadow play》 No.A00610
Title:《茶园晨曲》 No.A00842
Title:《《天鹅家园》》 No.A00111
Title:《魅力charm》 No.A00439
Title:《闹元宵》 No.A00898
Title:《展翅飞翔》 No.A00332
Title:《Shall We Dance》 No.A01123
Title:《斑斓大地》 No.A00615
Title:《雾凇紫气云笼纱》 No.A00911
Title:《沉睡魔咒》 No.A00224
Title:《晨梳》 No.A00894
Title:《风雪平安路》 No.A00714

Monochrome Section

Title:《Hello Summer》 No.B00121
Title:《山深闻鹧鸪》 No.B00332
Title:《惬意》 No.B00078
Title:《沙海风浪荡驼铃》 No.B00660
Title:《Morocco44》 No.B00717
Title:《Travel on the way10》 No.B00871
Title:《Change place 14》 No.B00609
Title:《地狱之门(hellgate)》 No.B00006
Title:《琳娜》 No.B00845
Title:《足球梦》 No.B00059
Title:《客家人生活》 No.B00666
Title:《远方 Distance》 No.B00209
Title:《独腿撑起一片天》 No.B00886
Title:《河口渔港 Fishing port of the》 No.B00339
Title:《岩石教堂的信徒-Belivevers in Rock Church》 No.B00383
Title:《穿梭》 No.B00279
Title:《牧羊女》 No.B00843
Title:《去年今日Last year today》 No.B00557

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