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Mr.Chen(Activity information)
Tel:18368122101   Email:cidpae001@126.com

Miss.Cheng(Rules information)
Tel:13506768730   Email:cidpae002@126.com

Wang Xueke( 0rganizing committee consultation):
Tel:0578-2113393   QQ:76751402

Color Section

Title:《梦幻棉花堡 Dreamy Cotton Castle》 No.A00247
Title:《梦吟迷境》 No.A01150
Title:《Depressed Highway 1》 No.A01211
Title:《创造者》 No.A01151
Title:《中国年》 No.A00879
Title:《赶鹅》 No.A00524
Title:《return road》 No.A00583
Title:《和平鸽困了》 No.A00173
Title:《乞讨》 No.A00954
Title:《雪后》 No.A00235
Title:《花落知多少》 No.A01152
Title:《撒满天星》 No.A00331
Title:《上与下》 No.A01284
Title:《土楼遗韵Remaining Rhyme of Tulou》 No.A00437
Title:《King Kong》 No.A01070
Title:《检阅》 No.A00363
Title:《璀璨冰城映长空》 No.A00414
Title:《Antarctic penguin39》 No.A01277

Monochrome Section

Title:《焊-Melting》 No.B00602
Title:《Pilgrim 1》 No.B00716
Title:《Lonely eyes.》 No.B00239
Title:《old man》 No.B00430
Title:《Dragon Boats》 No.B00213
Title:《思念》 No.B00197
Title:《轮回》 No.B00054
Title:《Beautiful Girl 3》 No.B00523
Title:《彝族兄弟情》 No.B00798
Title:《岁月-Years》 No.B00648
Title:《Perform together》 No.B00288
Title:《Nostalgia》 No.B00573
Title:《《沸腾的工地》Boiling Works》 No.B00629
Title:《装车-loaded》 No.B00411
Title:《专心致志-Concentration》 No.B00646
Title:《图书馆内自习的人们 Self-study people in the library》 No.B00330
Title:《信念FAITH》 No.B00134
Title:《留守人员》 No.B00590

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